Welcome! I’m Rachel Hardy, CMT and I offer therapeutic bodywork, specializing in myofascial release.  With a background in a medical office and nine years in private practice, I’m honored and happy to bring you the highest quality bodywork with a focus on increasing your own awareness, guidance, and connection to your body’s deep wisdom.

You may be seeking relief from pain and muscle tension, greater ease and wellness, your highest optimal level of functioning, and a greater connection with your body and mind. These areas are the focus of my work; and I love working with clients who can participate in the journey of deepening your awareness and aliveness, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience of being in your body.

In addition to working at the level of the soft tissue, I also work with the body’s nervous system regulation and functioning- guiding your system towards greater ease, regulation, softening, and an increased capacity to process and manage the complexities and challenges of our busy lives.

Questions? Please shoot me an email, I would love to connect. To book a session, please click here. I look forward to working with you!