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deep tissue massage

Many people think of “deep tissue massage” as simply meaning “stronger pressure”.  While it is true that the pressure will be stronger than a swedish/ relaxation massage, “Deep Tissue” actually refers to the technique of deep, specific, focused work, primarily into the belly of the muscle.   When performing a deep tissue massage, your therapist will work through layers of muscle and fascia and apply appropriate pressure to release specific muscle tension where needed.

Effective deep tissue work is done by evaluating your body’s response and applying pressure at just the right amount to release the muscular tension.  There is a common misconception that the stronger the pressure, the more effective the work- not true!   Pressure that is too strong will cause the muscles to tighten further in response, as a protective mechanism.  Rather, a good therapist will find the right level of pressure that encourages a deep release- this is when lasting results can occur.

Deep Tissue Massage



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