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what to expect

how I work

I typically draw on a blend of techniques, but my primary tools are myofascial release and deep tissue massage.  In some cases, we may do a full session of myofascial release. Other times, we will start with myofascial work (which is done without lotion), and then move to deep tissue work into the muscles. We may also do some trigger point work and relaxing swedish/ circulatory work as needed. If you are interested in working with a particular modality, please let me know.

Some conditions I frequently work with include:

myofascial pain syndrome
headaches/ migraines
chronic neck pain
frozen shoulder
rotator cuff injuries and restrictions
first rib fixation
piriformis syndrome/ sciatica
back pain
surgery recovery

FAQ: how long will it take to feel better/ how much treatment will I need?

Most clients typically experience some relief from pain, as well as a feeling of overall well being, from a single session.  However, treating the roots and causes of the problem is a longer process. How much treatment is recommended will depend on many factors, such as the length of time and severity of the issue, and the factors of your current lifestyle (work habits, exercise, sleep, stress levels, etc.).

In many cases, it is helpful to do an initial series of 3-6 sessions at intervals of 1-2 weeks between each session.  This allows the work we do to build on itself, releasing restrictions and letting your body begin to develop and build new habits.

Some clients elect to do regular ongoing bodywork for wellness and maintenance.   Maintenance work might occur anywhere from weekly to once every few months.

You are also quite welcome to do come in for a single session, and then continue with further treatments if and when you feel it’s needed.

It’s important to remember, in dealing with chronic conditions, that bodywork is one piece of a holistic approach to healing your body.  For healing and lasting change to occur, it is likely that lifestyle changes will be called for.  Other supporting treatment may be beneficial as well.  Always check with your health care provider regarding any concerns or questions about your treatment.

If this path speaks to you, I would be honored to work with you.   Please email me with any questions.   If you’d like to book an appointment, please fill out the form here and I’ll be in touch shortly.