Awaken and Ground

Awaken and Ground: An Inner-Active Journey to Clarity and Calm in your Body-Mind

In this 30 day journey, you’ll be guided through daily practices and tools to release inner and outer tension, regulate your nervous system, create more calm, ease and goodness, and connect in radically deeper ways to your body-mind.

You’ll learn…

  • My top five self-myofascial stretches for lasting soft tissue release and opening more space in the body
  • Why working on a body-based level is an essential piece of healing the effects of trauma and stress
  • How to help your nervous system feel capable and resourced under pressure and during stressful times
  • How to release tension and stress from the gut
  • Where tension habitually resides in your own body- and how you can find more ease, space, and relief

Using small, manageable practices that you can easily integrate into your daily life, you’ll learn how to come back to your physical body and feel a sense of grounded goodness and peace… so you can connect to the part of you that knows all is well (even during times of pressure and stress).

How does it work?

Each day’s content includes a video and/ or audio lesson, plus a homework practice to integrate the new learning into your body-mind. Create a deepened connection with your physical body as you integrate powerful processes for mindfulness, centering and connection. The result is a new experience of autonomy in your physical self and empowerment in your own self-care.

Words from past course participants:

This course blew my mind. All this information about the nervous system, even though I’ve heard people talk a lot about trauma, fight or flight, etc, felt completely new and relevant to me. It was taking theory and making it clearer through practice. I was kept interested the whole time, and genuinely looked forward to the segment of time that I could get to spend with the course-work. It felt like the ultimate indulgence.”

This course has been a ROCK for me and one thing I knew I was doing to take care of myself despite the difficulty. I did have to take a break for 2-3 days when I was really triggered because I was scared that a lesson would make me feel overwhelmed but I swear, these were all gems for me. They made me feel good, reminded me of ways to center that I had once heard but forgotten, or taught me news ways to center and heal.

“By the end I was definitely feeling a change. It’s hard to put into words but I’ve felt more at ease with my situation and the balance of controlling what I can, but not necessarily having control over everything.”

“From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This 30 day journey has transformed my life!!! I feel so loved, supported and equip with the tools, resources and experiences I need to move forward on this path!!!”

“My body is in such a different place than it has ever been. When I am in the least ruffled, I just tell it that we are doing many new things, and it is okay, and that I will keep helping with the self care and the exercises so that it knows that all is well.”

“F*#>ing thank you. This course has been such a lifesaver for me.”

Your guide:

Rachel Hardy has been helping folks heal and connect to their bodies for nearly 20 years. Certified in 2001 as a CMT, she currently runs a thriving private practice as a Myofascial Release Therapist and Somatic Coach. Her ongoing training has included advanced MFR work, Energy Healing, Neurokinetic Therapy, and she is currently a third year student in the three year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training Program.

In addition, Rachel has been on her own life-long journey of healing, growth, and consciousness. Her spiritual path started as a young child; her interest in healing the physical body was sparked at age fourteen when she became ill with a mysterious virus and autoimmune disorder. She spent years navigating the challenges of autoimmune illness, mysterious symptoms that were not helped by medical treatment, and severe depression. Her decades-long journey through the Western medical system, into exploring the worlds of alternative and holistic health, and eventually creating her own path of physical, mental, and emotional healing has given her a deep compassion, a wild love for life, and a passionate drive to bring healing and autonomy to everyone who seeks a greater connection and resonance with their body & mind.

In this course, she brings together her knowledge and experience with myofascial release, nervous system healing, and mind-body connection into practical, accessible exercises and tools to support individuals in crafting their own highest path to health, and to connect more deeply than ever before with their body’s wisdom.

Investment in You: $222

Some FAQ:

Do I have to finish it in 30 days? You do not. While the structure of a 30 day framework is helpful for many folks, you have lifetime access to the course material once purchased. You can take as long as you like and re-visit the material as much as you choose.

Is this a meditation course? Not so much. Unless, you think of exploring deeply into the body as its own kind of meditation. We’ll be connecting to the fascia, the nervous system, and the whole body in new and exciting ways that will radically shift your experience of being in your physical body and empower you to deeper self-care.

How much time will it take? For best results, I recommend setting aside 20 minutes a day to devote to your self care and absorb the day’s learning. You’ll be given homework exercises which can be easily integrated and practiced throughout the day. If you miss a few days, you can always catch up, and you can also revisit your favorite lessons and practices as often as you like.