Revive – Rewire – Reset

Revive – Rewire – Reset


Is stress and trauma in your physical body affecting your creativity and joy?

You’re highly sensitive and feel the world deeply, and your body feels it all. This allows you to do immensely successful and creatively juiced work, and it also means that your body feels and takes on ALL the stress.

This might show up as headaches, insomnia, physical tension especially in the neck and shoulders.  You might find yourself feeling extreme anxiousness surrounding that important meeting or project.  It might show up as feeling unclear about making big decisions, leading to stress about where you’re headed.   You might experience crashes of energy, especially following a big success.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve done mindfulness work, therapy, and various healing modalities of many kinds. You’re spiritually connected and resourced, and you know on some level that all is well, that things are always working out for you.  But the body doesn’t seem to have caught up with that knowledge, and continues to churn out stress hormones and adrenal surges and crashes- leading to exhaustion and a sense of spinning your wheels in different versions of the same experience.

You probably have a thorough understanding of your patterns, of the old traumas and wounds that have affected you- but the intellectual understanding hasn’t led to real change.  You may have worked with affirmations and shifting your thoughts (and you wonder, if you were more disciplined about your meditation practice, whether things would resolve).

Affirmations and shifting thoughts is powerful and awesome, btw.  The limitation is that when we work only the level of thought and mind, it’s possible to leave out the powerful impact that our bodies have on our overall state and well being.  And since you know this, you’re probably already doing things to help your body manage stress- yoga, stretching, breathing.  But you may be finding it only goes so far and doesn’t bring the level of change that you’d hoped.

One of the biggest challenges that my clients who are in this state experience is that when things finally start to go really well, it feels impossible to trust that it’s safe- some part of you feels certain that something’s going to crash and take it all away.

If this describes you, I know something about you.  I know there’s a reservoir of capacity and capability beneath the stress.  That when you do tap into that stream of creative work, your energy comes on and your body and energy field light up.  There’s a body-level confidence (because you’re doing what you’re wired for), and a pleasurable sense of feeling relaxed, focused, energized, and fully present.

And I also know it’s possible – with some new skills, an embodied understanding of how your nervous system functions, and some deep listening to the language of the body – it’s possible to bring that deeply relaxed body, divine spark and clear confidence online as your day-to-day existence.

So you feel good interacting with the world effortlessly and easily and clearly.  So you bring the strongest and clearest expression of your unique energy to every meeting, every interaction.   So you feel that sense of confidence as you take on the new project and feel that kid-like happiness and excitement in life.   Sleeping soundly and deeply after a day’s work and play because your body has learned how to truly rest (maybe for the first time ever).  Knowing you have the resources, capacity and tools to stay in a state that makes achieving your goals a done deal.

As a bodyworker and Myofascial Release therapist, I’ve spent nearly 20 years working with bodies:  with stress patterns, chronic pain conditions, teaching the body and the mind how to relax and let go.   And, for many folks, “letting go” is not as simple as it sounds… and there are very real and concrete reasons why not.

What I found that really changed the game was learning to work with the nervous system.   This is where the body’s past experiences and history interface with the present moment.  Where your body makes decisions, in a micro-second (and way below the level of consciousness), about what is “safe” or not for you to experience. Where, if our bodies have been through trauma, we continue to create the past – until we give the primitive parts of the brain the feeling experience of safety, freedom, and new options.


This program is a combination of nervous system science, body based trauma release, and supportive accountability for your own goals in creative projects, health and wellness, or personal growth.   You’ll work through powerful and transformative body-based processes to uncouple the fear from the creative process (because to truly create, our systems need to feel safe) and move into ease and self expression.

You’ll teach your nervous system that it is no longer stuck in the past- that it’s now safe to be relaxed, easy, calmly productive, and successful.   So you can get off the roller coaster of anxiety, of constantly second-guessing yourself, of energy surges and crashes, of tension and headaches and insomnia –  all the manifestations of trauma and stress that keep  you from fully bringing your best work.

We’ll work online over Zoom to re-wire your stress responses and create the patterns that help you function at your best.   We’ll allow past trauma to move out of your system in safe and gentle ways.  You’ll learn what’s going on beneath the surface, and the very concrete reasons why approaches like meditation and mindfulness may not yet have had the profound affect that you’d hoped.  You’ll experience change at a body level that allows the mindfulness work to “land” and shifts the trajectory of your whole healing journey.  So that instead of re-creating past trauma, the body becomes a gateway to the frequency you want to embody and experience.


In your 12 week guided journey, you will:



  • Work one-on-one with me over Zoom: connecting with your nervous system, tuning into the body’s instincts and impulses, rewiring old conditioning & habits, and calling up your system’s “safe state” where full self expression and creativity flows


  • Recognize the symbolic nature of body issues as they are playing out in your experience, and take aligned action steps to redirect the energy patterns to a more optimal state


  • Stay in flow and in the zone with regular email check-ins, homework assignments, and accountability on your personal goals


  • Receive recorded materials customized for you to shift your brain’s thought patterns and body’s stress responses – so you can stay in that resourced and capable state


  • Check in whenever needed for additional support and troubleshooting as the new challenges inevitably arise.  (Hint: This is a good sign. You’re creating the change you’ve been looking for.  Now, you just need to know how to navigate and stay on course)


If you’re ready to rewire, first step is a brief application to make sure it’s a great fit.  I’ll get back to you with all the details.




Nervous System Rewire

  • (These can be: people, pets, places, practices... anything that supports you and brings a sense of goodness to your life. Physical activities, spiritual practices, creative work, hobbies, nature, loved ones- your resources are all those things that bring you joy and are truly supportive and sustaining for you). Please list at least three.