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video: simple plantar fascitis stretches you can do at home

If you're suffering from plantar fascitis, there are some simple stretches you can do at home to begin to release tight connective tissue.  These techniques can also be useful for foot pain that is a result of restrictions in the body's fascia (connective tissue), as is common following an injury ...

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plantar fascitis

I was back in class recently, for the first time in awhile. Myofascial Techniques for Plantar Fascitis. Working with myofascial release is endlessly interesting. It’s simultaneously both simple and complex. The fascia (connective tissue) weaves throughout the body, providing both structure and fluidity; motion and stability. Understanding the fascial system brings ...

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meet your scalenes

I tend to have a “favorite” muscle. One at a time. That muscle, or muscle group that I’m fascinated with. Like I have a crush on it, it haunts my thoughts. I observe it in everyone I see, on the street, on my treatment table. Watching its behavior. Right now, my ...

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