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Myofascial Release (MFR) is atest powerful and effective form of soft tissue release that works with the fascia, or connective tissue.  The style of MFR that I use was developed by a Physical Therapist named John Barnes.  It creates opening and release in the soft tissue by using sustained pressure at a therapeutic level to ease restrictions that are causing dysfunction and pain.

Myofascial Release is used extensively by PT’s, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists; and numerous studies have shown it to be a highly effective approach to treating chronic pain and muscle tension.

Although I started out using many different types of massage and soft tissue work, I soon shifted my practice to focusing primarily on Myofascial Release.   The reason was pretty simple-  I found that it was consistently bringing the best and most lasting results for my clients.  I’ve been specializing in MFR now for the past 12 years.

My goal is for you to have not just a temporary release of the muscle tightness, but lasting and effective change towards the healthy, pain-free, vibrant body-mind that you desire!

Clients report results including release from pain and tension, greater range of motion, improved posture, deeper sleep, and an ability to be more comfortable and at ease in their bodies.

In many MFR sessions, we will incorporate a modality called Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).    NKT  works with the brain’s Motor Control Center to assess movement patterns on a neurological level.   By testing various muscles and their relationship to each other, we identify specific patterns of dysfunction and what needs to be released or activated.

Sometimes, a muscle may be chronically over-working or under-working due to faulty “habits.” In NKT, we address this at a neurological level by testing and identifying specific muscle patterns that are dysfunctional, and then teaching the body healthier, more optimal way of moving and being.

When we use NKT, you’ll be sent home with a specific homework assignment to help put the new pattern in place. Consistent, daily practice of your homework for 1-2 weeks will be key to your results!

What’s a session like?

Myofascial Release/ NKT sessions happen on a bodywork table, although we will likely have you get up and down and move a bit.  Clients are generally either fully clothed in comfortable clothing; or in some cases we’ll have you in shorts for men/ swimsuit or shorts and a tank top for women.  (I’ll give you all the info about what to wear and bring before your first session).

An MFR/ NKT session is highly customized to your needs; and we’ll focus on the areas that are causing you trouble and need change or release. (This is not a full body treatment- we’ll generally target two to three main areas to focus on per session).

Myofascial Work can be done as a single session; as a series of consecutive sessions to treat a chronic issue; or as an ongoing support for your overall health and wellness.

In cases of chronic tension or pain, it’s often helpful to do your first four to eight sessions at a rate of one- two weeks apart.   Once the initial issue has improved or resolved,  many clients like to continue to come in regularly as part of an overall self-care and wellness plan.   You can also pop in for a single tune-up session as needed.

Myofascial Release/ NKT sessions are effective for:

  • releasing chronic muscle tension and pain
  • speeding injury recovery
  • opening up “hunched” posture
  • optimizing athletic performance
  • deepening body-mind connection

You can purchase single sessions, or a package of 4 sessions at a discounted rate.  Packages must be used within 6 months.