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” You make me feel at ease, because it’s obvious that you have an understanding of the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems and know how they interact….  You are able to address the real problem areas.    When we found you it was such a dramatic improvement. “Wow!!! So this is what a massage is supposed to be like!!!”    – Kelly C.


“While it’s still early in this journey, the effect of your massage work has been profound. I’ve very palpably felt the positive benefits of this work, both physically and emotionally. There has been a huge release of pressure from my shoulders and back. My posture is more open and upright, yet still relaxed. And, I feel much more aware and present in my physical self.

With that new awareness, I am also seeing how my emotional state is both presented and informed by my physical state…The new found physical and emotional language that I’m learning  is very much born of, developed by and enriched through your intuitive and empathetic massage work. Thank you!”    – Danny W.


“I feel you understand where to go and how to release tension I didn’t even know I had… There has been a lightness in my body/spirit and a sense of relief/release and clarity after my sessions that I really enjoy experiencing. Even if I get myself all tense in one hour, I still feel I get the benefits of something deeper and know that I can’t “mess up” what you’ve been able to unlock”   – Jamie L.


“Whenever my body feels like it’s tied up in knots after long days of teaching yoga and/or running, your work feels so perfectly targeted and intentional. It’s not just about a full-body feel-good session, it’s also a smart, specific focus on the spots that need it most.”     – Meredith L.


Besides being an excellent masseuse, Rachel is absolutely the best in in assessing what I have going on body-wise, and I have used the info to relay to my chiropractor so that I have been able to maximize and get some amazing results. Rachel is one of my best resources for good health and well being. Thank you !!!  – John S.


“Being a dancer and physically very active, Rachel has been able to specifically address my body’s problem areas. I always carry tons of stress on my upper back and shoulders, and I have fallen asleep both times when Rachel has worked on me. I never allow myself to be that relaxed.   My muscles and entire body feel elongated and balanced.  Not only can she ease the aches, pains, and tightness in areas; she will aide in helping you prevent these areas from giving you so much stress. She is patient, attentive, and extremely intuitive and will even leave you with some stretches to bring home with you.”    – Jen H.


“I started with Rachel  just a few weeks ago and she’s just awesome – really in tune with where my trouble spots were… just the right pressure…. I was on cloud nine after my session – and stayed there the rest of the week.

  Just as importantly, I feel like Rachel really cares about all aspects of her clients health.  She recommended some great books for me, cheered on my new “taking better care of myself” approach, and just made me feel “taken care of”.  

 I can’t wait till my next session in a couple of weeks!”   – Alice E.


I have enjoyed getting different types of massages all over the world.  In LA, Rachel is my mainstay.  Whether I am needing support for an injury or just to unwind, I can’t imagine not making regular visits to Rachel a regular part of my self care.”   – Becca G.


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